Friday, November 8, 2013

How I Got Interested in Lolita Fashion

I have an ultra old folder on my computer simply titled "JAPAN". It's at least 7 years old and has been transferred from computer to computer. This folder is what started my journey into J-Fashion and eventually to lolita (this story is what this week's Lolita Blog Carnival is for!) I created the folder in 7th grade when I saw my first image of japanese fashion: a photo of a beautiful model by the name of Tsubasa Masuwaka .

It's weird, I didn't see her clothes or anything, but I instantly fell in love with her hair and makeup. It took me a bit of research, but I managed to find out that the style was called gyaru. It was all about trendy fashion, dramatic/enlarging eye makeup and beautiful hair. I loved the look of it! I spend so much time looking up video tutorials for the hair/makeup and following blogs of these beautiful girls like ChaiGyaru and Xiaxue.

Left: Xiaxue
Right: ChaiGyaru
I never actually pursued gyaru fashion because I grew up in private school. Uniforms were worn 5/7 days a week and I didn't really go out with friends on the weekends. Yet I still browsed through the pictures and blogs every day and started researching other Japanese street styles; this is when I discovered the websites Japanese Streets and Tokyo Fashion. They introduced me to Decora (a little but too much for me) and Fairy Kei (super cute and pastel but not quite for me either). One day while checking the day's street snaps, I encountered the following picture:

Source: Friday June 18, 2010
The photo was simply captioned:
Style: Lolita
Wig – N/A


Shoes – Angelic Pretty

Lolita fashion instantly had my heart. I spent weeks crazily scouring the internet looking for photos of other girls dressed in Lolita fashion (more specifically, Sweet Lolita) and could not help smiling at every picture. The one blog I remember spending hours on was Aesthetic Lolita's blog (no longer up unfortunately!). I seriously loved the fashion. By this time, I had just turned 17 years old: still in private school, still no social life. I didn't see the point in, once again, pursuing a style I really liked and eventually it faded from my mind again.

The blog that permanently pulled me back, in my last year of high school, was Lolita Charm (now known as Parfait Doll). She wrote such fantastic articles and fashion guides! Again, I'd just spend HOURS browsing the blog and especially loved her monthly style tips. This time I was permanently hooked.

Victoria Suzanne from Parfait Doll (formerly known as Lolita Charm)
How did you discover Lolita?
Was it through another Japanese street style?

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