Saturday, March 16, 2013

Anna House Review: Positive!

 Hello everyone!

So this is my very first review for my first lolita purchase! (So keep in mind I'm not a super expert lolita!) My roommate gifted me a sweet lolita skirt from Bodyline for Christmas and I was so happy! But, of course, before I could wear it I needed to buy a blouse. I had been eyeing Anna House's site for a while now and, although I looked all over the net for a nice black one, I always came back to this blouse.

So enough of the rambling, onto the review of Anna House's 016-1312 blouse!

I ordered on February 3rd but didn't receive it until the 25th. It was definitely a long wait BUT please keep in mind that I ordered during Chinese New Year and Anna House is in Hong Kong (I forgot while I was ordering, d'oh!). So I'm not sure if it normally takes this long or if it was my bad timing. Also I ordered Airmail.

Shipping: N/A

Packaging: This is how it came in. Just a regular envelope. There were no rips and it was taped up really well.

Inside, the blouse was wrapped in bubble wrap and then wrapped in sealed plastic with a label saying the blouse number and size. Looked very professional and made me feel like they took extra good care of packaging so the blouse would come completely unharmed. Very happy!

Packaging: ♥♥♥♥♥

Communication: Nothing really to say. Never had to e-mail and they keep the site's news page updated saying if there are any upcoming holidays that may delay your shipping (yeah, I missed that part hahah!)

Communication: N/A

haha sorry for the mustache and monocle on our mirror! Also for icky phone quality...
The Blouse: This is the blouse worn! It's very comfortable. The site doesn't state what fabric it is, so I have no idea. (edit: I messaged them and they said it is cotton) My roommate did say, however, that it is dry-clean only (bummer!). It's not really "soft" like cotton (might soften after a cleaning/wash). The best way I could describe it as is being /sturdy/. It feels like it's going to hold up well. All the stitching is great, no loose threads.
The lace has a cute flower design on it but it is cheap, it feels stiff and I would describe it as scratchy BUT it will not really irritate your skin as none of it comes in direct contact with skin so I don't think it's a big deal. (learned how to tell good lace from bad lace here, by the way!)
The buttons are cute little bow shapes (one of my favorite things about it!)

blouse: ♥♥♥♥♡
1 point off for the lace. But overall, the blouse is great!

I forgot to take a picture with the blouse untucked but will definitely edit the post once I take one! I didn't like how it looked on me with it untucked because my petticoat (and hips) is really big! So the ruffle at the bottom would slightly flip up. Maybe it won't do that with a less poofy petti.

I hope this review was helpful to some of you! It was my first purchase and I'm glad it turned out well! If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment below!

xoxo Aleks

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