Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: Bodyline Shoes152 in Black (Positive!)

I had been dying to own a pair of lolita shoes! I felt like all my coords looked incomplete because the shoes were almost always off (I usually would coord with black flats). I had been eyeing these shoes for a while after seeing a great picture of them worn. I know there's a few others out there, but another one wouldn't hurt :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Date at Green-Wood Cemetery

On Saturday I spent a crisp, autumn afternoon at the lovely Green-Wood Cemetery. "Founded in 1838 as one of America’s first rural cemeteries, the Green-Wood Cemetery soon developed an international reputation for its magnificent beauty and became the fashionable place to be buried. Crowds flocked to Green-Wood to enjoy family outings, carriage rides and sculpture viewing in the finest of first generation American landscapes. Green-Wood’s popularity helped inspire the creation of public parks, including New York City’s Central and Prospect Parks."

I felt like this would be a nice date to wear some Gothic Lolita to!

Outfit Rundown:
♥ JSK - Bodyline 
♥ Everything else- Offbrand 

This cemetery is such a beautiful day to spend just exploring and walking around. It's full of beautiful views and foliage. So many different kinds of birds reside here and fly about. At one point we were walking on the perimeter of the cemetery and we saw the NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty! Such a nice afternoon 

♥ And of course a picture of me and my boyfriend since this was a date ♥
We accidentally matched!

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Perfect Lolita Themed Halloween Party!

I absolutely adore Halloween even though I never do anything for it. It always manages to land smack dab in the middle of the week and NYC during Halloween is not exactly the safest place to be... I still love wandering the stores smiling at all the decor, walking down the residential blocks and seeing the houses that display their carved pumpkins... It's such a wonderful time! It also makes me wonder, if I could throw my own Halloween bash with friends (the cute way) how would it be?

♥ Dress - Bodyline 
♥ Shoes- Bodyline 
♥ Earrings - Glitter Bandits 
♥ Ring - etsy (lost the link :c) 
♥ Tights - ebay 

Guilty. I've been dying to own one of Bodyline's adorable maid dresses! I'd never wear them out as regular outfits but they would make such cute and easy Halloween costumes! This new sailor-style maid dress is off-the-charts cute! I coorded it in a way to be like a vintage diner or ice cream parlor waitress. The pink is so sugary sweet and this costume just makes me think of sock hops and soda pop!

1 2 3
My party would be all sweets, sweets, and sweets! Lots of spooky cookies, cakes and candy! If possible, I'd bake them all myself. I've been really getting into baking lately so this would be super fun for me! (If you click the source links above, they will take you to some tutorials on how to make the treats in the pictures!) Also I noticed I'm a big fan of spider decor during Halloween (not so fond of the Wolf Spider my boyfriend lost at his house. Nope, they haven't found it)

1 2 3 4
I'm a huge fan of Martha Stewart Halloween decor (as you can plainly see haha). I love that classy, bright, cute type of Halloween decor. There would be LOTS of jack-o-lanterns and candle light and cute cutouts and probably some hanging bats and ghosts around there as well! I'm super crafty so I'm pretty sure I'd go overboard haha.

Would your party be dark and spooky or cute and bright?

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Bodyline's L329 JSK (in black) Review~ Positive!


Hello lovelies! I recently purchased this lovely JSK in black! Let me tell you that I am head-over-heels in love with it! It's a nice, heavy JSK with lots of super cute details. If you're interested in this dress definitely click on to read the review!

Friday, October 18, 2013

My Favorite Print Theme in Lolita

I used to not be a very big fan of prints. Most of my inspiration pictures used to be beautiful solid colored dresses with special details in construction. In recent years, though, some goooorgeous prints have been released and man... I can't help it! I've fallen in love!

The theme that makes me go weak in the knee is, if you haven't guessed yet, CATS! They're not my favorite animal, I don't have pet cats (and never have), they're too aloof for my taste and I'm mostly allergic to them... For some reason, in print form, I fall in love every time! In fact, Cat Tea Party is my dream print!

Innocent World's Cherry Cat JSK is another gorgeous print that is to-die for! The art on it is so lovely on this. The colors complement each other so well, the creamy white of the cats' fur is so warm and pairs well with the pink and sax. (You should definitely go check out the sax colorway. It makes me want to cry!!)

Baby's "Cute Meowing Friend" is another super sweet print. Watching a cat play with yarn has to be the most "awwwwww"-inducing thing in the world!! The artwork is nice and soft and dreamy and I just love it so much!

Lastly, Angelic Pretty's Cinema Doll! It's not exactly cat themed but the cat on it is beautiful! This is another of my dream prints. It manages to strike the perfect balance between cute and elegant. Every single colorway is perfect, something I rarely think print dresses accomplish! I can't wait to one day get my hands on it~

What's your favorite print theme?
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Monday, October 14, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013!

Click any image for a larger version!
Ahhh Comic Con, a place where you can enter with your "strange" hobbies and interests and feel perfectly at home. This was my second year at Comic Con (first time while wearing lolita!) and I had such a fabulous time!

There were so many cute booths this year packed full of plushies, stationary, pens, accesories and more! I couldn't decide what to buy for soo long!! In the end I bought from the 2 cutest booths in the con.

The first booth I saw was by Qmomo! Their booth was Alpacasso heaven, I swear! They had the key chains, plushies, hats and backpacks. They also had several other famous kawaii character plushies. I bought an Alpacasso ID holder/ coin purse and it's soooo cute! (Pics later in the post)

The second booth was by Kawaii Gifts! Their's was my favorite since I'm such a huge stationary hoarder. They had any current San-X character you could think of! They had tons of Rilakkuma, Mamegoma, Sentimental Circus, Piggy Girl and loads others. For such a small booth they were packed to the brim with anything you would want to add to your stationary collection including: memo pads, stickers, deco tape, pens and notebooks along with a few plushies.

The best part? They had a special offer going on where they were selling kawaii grab bags. You could pay $10 for a small one that included a pencil, a memo pad and stickers. The large one was for $20 that came with 2 memo pads, stickers, deco tape, kawaii eraser, a letter set, a folder, a pencil and a special item (and this one would come in an adorable tote bag). Of course I went for the large one!

  • Super cute poodle tote
  • My Melody Notebook (I traded my folder for it with a friend haha)
  • Puffy stickers
  • Seal pin
  • Tsuginohi Kerori memo pad
  • Rilakkuma memo notebook
  • Rilakkuma memo pad
  • Rilakkuma pencil
  • Halloween letter set
  • Gingham deco tape
  • Hello Kitty pen
  • Ramen eraser
  • Mamegoma halloween notepad (I bought this one separately from the grab bag because I couldn't resist haha)
The Alpacasso I bought at Qmomo. It's both an ID Card holder and a coin purse!

What I wore:
  • JSK: Bodyline
  • Purse: Hello Kitty (Gift from a friend)
  • Alpacasso: Qmomo booth
  • Everything else: Offbrand

Of course, a trip to Comic Con would not be complete without running into a few lolitas! I didn't see as many as I would've liked to, but the ones I did see were adorable and so sweet!

I only managed to recognize the lolita in the first pic (SanrioPalace). If you know any of the others, let me know!

I had such a great time this year and was able to see so many cute girls, cosplays and booths! It made me feel even more comfortable in lolita and has encouraged me to maybe go to a lolita meet in the future (thanks to the lolita in the last picture who convinced me)!

Friday, October 11, 2013

3 Secrets for Someone Just Getting into Lolita Fashion

I'm so excited to introduce Lolita Blog Carnival posts into my blog! For those that don't know what it is, Lolita Blog Carnival is a weekly blog post done by a group of lolitas that discuss the same topic relating to lolita fashion.

This week's topic is a little funny to me because I'm technically just getting into the fashion! Even though I've been admiring the fashion for over 7 years, I only now just started dressing in the clothes. Don't be fooled though, I've definitely picked up a few things for those of you that are completely new!

1. This video will help you coordinate like a pro.

Seriously guys, when I found this video I swore I heard angels singing. It teaches you how to balance your colors in a coord so it looks perfect!

2. This video will tell you all you need to know about Bodyline.

Don't be the newbie that asks "Is Bodyline a good place to shop?". Everybody hates when this question is asked because there's hundreds of reviews that say it's good but most newbies don't bother to do their research! This video not only shows you that Bodyline is good but also shows you what items are best and tips!

3. This video will teach you how to tie the perfect waist bow

A shopgirl from Baby the Stars Shine Bright teaches you how to tie the perfect bow, need I say more?

So there you have it! These videos are some pretty great resources to make a brand new lolita feel less worried about being new. They helped me a lot and I hope they are useful to some of you too!

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lolita Calling Cards

The other day I was reading an old article by Victoria over at Parfait Doll about "lolita calling cards". They're basically the best thing ever! Imagine this: you're at a convention, or at a meet and you meet this wonderful lolita. You guys quickly chat, take pictures and go on about your day. Wait, was her name Susan or Suzanne? I can't remember... Or maybe she did give you her contact info but... uh oh. I can't understand her handwriting... This is where the calling card comes in to avoid that!

You can carry a small stack with you and hand them to lolitas you would like to stay in touch with or to give away at cons so people that take your picture can look you up later! I really do wonder why this hasn't caught on!

Victoria really did write up a very good guide on this so if you're interested in making your own, definitely go check out her article. I've just printed out my first batch and have a few additional tips to add on!


  • Make sure the fonts you choose are legible when the image is small. Test it out by shrinking the card to scale (typical US business cards are 3.5 × 2 inches) and printing one out.
  • Need them printed ASAP? Go to your local Staples or print shop. Many will print them within a few hours (but will cost a bit more)
  • I printed mine using Overnight Prints. I designed and ordered 100 calling cards on Monday night, chose a deadline (I needed them by Friday at latest) and they were delivered Today (Wednesday morning)! Price? $9.95 for the cards and $11 for shipping. They gave me a discount though so the total was $17.52.  Maybe a little pricey but Staples wanted me to order a minimum of 200 cards which was definitely too much for me to start out with!
  • Don't have Photoshop? Download Photofiltre! A free editing program that does a lot of the same things (It's what I used for my calling card)

Do you already have calling cards?
Would you consider getting some?

Friday, October 4, 2013

10pm Haircuts and Accidental Kuro Lolita

Hello pumpkin pie! (I'm just gonna call you that until fall is over haha)

So last night I spontaneously cut my bangs at 10pm in my bathroom while watching a YouTube tutorial... I do impulsive things with my hair every once in a while but luckily this one turned out alright!

The haircut made me feel very lolita so today for class I decided to put together another coord. (I think I've decided that my Fridays will be for lolita!) So I picked my black JSK, my Anna House blouse and put on otk socks and flats and realized at the end.... I'm in full on black hahahaa.

Accidental Kuro Lolita

  • Blouse: Anna House
  • JSK: Bodyline
  • Heart brooch: Designed and made by me
  • Everything else: Offbrand
Have you ever accidentally put together a coord different from your regular style?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First Times Wearing Lolita!

Hello pumpkin pies!

The weather is cooling down in NYC (well except for today, it's almost 80 degrees!) and I thought it would be a perfect time to break out my lolita clothes for the very first time!

I've never been nervous about going out in public in lolita; I've always dressed offbeat. I just never had enough components to put together a nice coord. Now I felt confident enough to do it!