Friday, October 25, 2013

My Perfect Lolita Themed Halloween Party!

I absolutely adore Halloween even though I never do anything for it. It always manages to land smack dab in the middle of the week and NYC during Halloween is not exactly the safest place to be... I still love wandering the stores smiling at all the decor, walking down the residential blocks and seeing the houses that display their carved pumpkins... It's such a wonderful time! It also makes me wonder, if I could throw my own Halloween bash with friends (the cute way) how would it be?

♥ Dress - Bodyline 
♥ Shoes- Bodyline 
♥ Earrings - Glitter Bandits 
♥ Ring - etsy (lost the link :c) 
♥ Tights - ebay 

Guilty. I've been dying to own one of Bodyline's adorable maid dresses! I'd never wear them out as regular outfits but they would make such cute and easy Halloween costumes! This new sailor-style maid dress is off-the-charts cute! I coorded it in a way to be like a vintage diner or ice cream parlor waitress. The pink is so sugary sweet and this costume just makes me think of sock hops and soda pop!

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My party would be all sweets, sweets, and sweets! Lots of spooky cookies, cakes and candy! If possible, I'd bake them all myself. I've been really getting into baking lately so this would be super fun for me! (If you click the source links above, they will take you to some tutorials on how to make the treats in the pictures!) Also I noticed I'm a big fan of spider decor during Halloween (not so fond of the Wolf Spider my boyfriend lost at his house. Nope, they haven't found it)

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I'm a huge fan of Martha Stewart Halloween decor (as you can plainly see haha). I love that classy, bright, cute type of Halloween decor. There would be LOTS of jack-o-lanterns and candle light and cute cutouts and probably some hanging bats and ghosts around there as well! I'm super crafty so I'm pretty sure I'd go overboard haha.

Would your party be dark and spooky or cute and bright?

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