Friday, October 4, 2013

10pm Haircuts and Accidental Kuro Lolita

Hello pumpkin pie! (I'm just gonna call you that until fall is over haha)

So last night I spontaneously cut my bangs at 10pm in my bathroom while watching a YouTube tutorial... I do impulsive things with my hair every once in a while but luckily this one turned out alright!

The haircut made me feel very lolita so today for class I decided to put together another coord. (I think I've decided that my Fridays will be for lolita!) So I picked my black JSK, my Anna House blouse and put on otk socks and flats and realized at the end.... I'm in full on black hahahaa.

Accidental Kuro Lolita

  • Blouse: Anna House
  • JSK: Bodyline
  • Heart brooch: Designed and made by me
  • Everything else: Offbrand
Have you ever accidentally put together a coord different from your regular style?

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