Friday, December 27, 2013

LBC: New Years Resolutions for Lolita Fashion in 2014

I was so happy to see that for this week, the Lolita Blog Carnival chose a topic I was already planning on writing about! So last year I made a list of general resolutions I had hoped to achieve in 2013 but it wasn't really specifically geared towards lolita. This year I have many lolita-related resolutions I hope to achieve!

1. Own white blouses and shoes.

Blouses: 1, 2, 3
When I started lolita this year, I bought all my pieces in black colorways. I did this because I was finding it difficult to break out of my mentality of just buying black clothing (something I do in my casual clothing). The thing is that I'M SICK OF WEARING BLACK. Despite this, I still kept buying black items! To snap myself out of it, I sold my black JSK last month to buy a pink one. I love the way pink looks on me so much! Now my problem is that I don't have anything to match it haha!

2. Complete a full coord without using any black

Source: 1 , 2, 3 (unkown)
Ever since I got interested in lolita, I had fallen in love with the super sweet pink coords! I still can't believe I started my wardrobe with black. To follow up on my 1st resolution, as soon as I have enough items, I want to create my first non-black coord! I want to be encompassed in pink and white and maybe some red! I can't wait to accomplish this!

3. Buy a cute apron to wear over dresses

Source: 1, 2, 3
Ahhhh aprons! I love them so much! They can completely change the look of a dress, give you a new look and add an extra sweet touch to any outfit! They're a bit hard to find lately but I know that you can find some on Etsy. Bitter and Sweet has half aprons that are super cute and affordable.

4. Take pictures of my coords more often

Sources: 1, 2, 3 (unknown)
I've experimented with lolita a lot but don't take pictures that much. When I do, I only post them over on my Instagram. I really want to take more pictures to record my progress more closely over time! I've always loved when lolitas have been able to make timelines of their progress and hope to be able to do one for myself.

What are your fashion-related resolutions for 2014?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Christmas Wishlist

So I've decided to make the shift from having a sweet wardrobe based in black, to one based in pink which means.... I'm basically starting from scratch, ha! Oh well, I'm naturally indecisive so I saw this coming a million miles away. I finally took the jump and got this jsk!

Bodyline's L322 in pink
As soon as I received it, I wondered why I hadn't started out with pink in the first place! Problem? I have nothing that matches it (I have an off-white blouse but pure white tights and black shoes... um, no)

So here are just a few things I hope to get around Christmas time!

1. A White Blouse
Anna House
I really want a blouse with a cute peter pan collar. Even the blouse I bought before has a square neckline and no collar so a change would be very nice! Also, I need a long sleeved blouse because it's cold in NYC for most of the year (Last year it hovered around 50-60 degrees F in May and almost JUNE)

2. A White Pair of Shoes

Shoes 178, Shoes 192
I can't decide which of these shoes to get! First, as much as I am dying for a pink pair of shoes, white will match many more outfits in the future. I can always get a pink pair for my birthday in June. Both of the shoes are soo cute! I have always loved the shape of the first shoe and it looks great in every color. I also think a platform might be more comfortable. Although, the second shoe is also very cute and looks better in the white colorway than shoe178 does. I'll have to think about it!

Aaaand if I were to get pink shoes, I totally want secret shop tea parties in light pink!

3. A Pink Headbow

Sweet Mildred
I'd get a white headbow for practicality's sake... but in this case I reallllly want the pink one! I haven't liked how headbows have look on me before, but maybe one with the right shape will change my mind! This one is so sweet with the lace and extra satin bows. It's been on my wishlist since I fist saw it

Hopefully for Christmas, I can get at least 1 thing from my list!
What's on your current wishlist??

Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Kawaii Stationary Collection!

All images can be clicked for larger versions

Many years ago, I had a penpal (well, mostly e-mailing though) called Izumi whom I found on One day, we decided to send each other packages with things from each other's country. She asked me if I had any favorite characters and I immediately said "Mamegoma!". Months later, I received a little package with many little goodies including a little Mamegoma memo pad. It sparked my kawaii stationary craze!

My first memo pad. Maybe like 4 years old?
Almost used up all the paper ;3;
99% of my stationary (I think I lost my favorite memo pad!)
Most of my stationary has been acquired once I moved to NYC. There's a nice Japanese bookstore near Bryant Park called Kinokuniya (chain of bookstores, 7 of which are here in the USA). I found out about it through a friend who is also a fan of Japanese culture. She told me that they not only sold books but also kawaii products such as stationary and plushies!

Mamegoma Halloween memo pad
Got this one from a stand at NYCC
Rilakkuma memo pad
from a grab bag at NYCC
Hello Kitty memo pad
Recycled paper and soy ink!
from a Sanrio Store in Puerto Rico

San-X Toromi French Bull Dog large memo pad
Kinokuniya NYC
Can be purchased here
Rilakkuma large memo pad
Kinokuniya NYC
My Melody notebook
NYCC grab bag
Hello Kitty sticky flags
Gift from a penpal
Hello Kitty 2014 Agenda (aka Diary Book)
Kinokuniya NYC
So that's my small collection. I love stationary sooo much. It adds a cute little touch to simple notes and handwritten letters and it makes me so happy to look at all the cute characters :D

Do you collect anything? What do you collect?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Princess-Peachie: My Inspiration in Lolita Fashion
This week for the Lolita Blog Carnival, we were asked to write about a person that inspires us in lolita fashion. Peachie is a super sweet 23 year old lolita from Scotland. She's one of the first lolitas I remember watching on YouTube and is still my #1 favorite YouTuber. It's her wardrobe and outfit videos that finally convinced me that my love for lolita lies in Sweet and not Gothic. Actually, the picture above was what inspired me to sell my black JSK to get myself a pink or sax dress

A video of several of her cute casual lolita outfits!

My favorite thing about Peachie is that her personality is even sweeter than the outfits she wears! The style greatly suits her in every way. Another thing is that she is a lolita with a wardrobe composed of 90% Bodyline items. She proves that you can look like a million bucks and not spend a lot if you can't. Not only that, but that Bodyline is a "brand" that makes loads of cute, quality items.

Now, a few of my favorite outfits~

I really hope one day I can become a lolita that is as adorable and stylish as her!

Who is your lolita inspiration?
Other cuties blogging about their inspirations:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Full Lolita Coord for $133~!

My favorite thing to do on quiet nights is to go to the archives of my favorite blogs and re-read old posts. Last night I ran into Victoria from Parfait Doll's Lolita Blog Carnival post on making a full coordinate for a low price. As soon as I saw it, I yelled "I'm in!!" (in my head of course haha!) Their limit for that old post was $100 but I gave myself a bit extra (and I'll tell you why in a bit!).

We all know it takes quite a bit of cash to put together a nice lolita outfit but who says you can't do it for much less than the usual hundreds? It's hard, I know, with the luxurious dresses and detailed accessories it's easy to wear a coordinate worth well over $400! Not today! This outfit can be yours for $133 (minus shipping) and is a great coord for a beginner sweet lolita!

Everything is from Bodyline!
JSK ($33) | Blouse ($47) | Shoes ($40) | Socks ($13)
The JSK (The Dress): Instinctively, I wanted to choose an OP to cut down on costs (because you don't need a blouse with an OP) but you can get so many more looks out of a JSK! Not to mention that this adorable JSK is only $33 and one of my favorite pieces on Bodyline's website right now. I'm actually considering buying it soon!

The Blouse: This is a big reason the coord came over the budget (it's the priciest piece in the coord) but I have a very good reason for refusing to replace it: It is unbelievable versatile. For starters, this blouse has detachable sleeves. You can wear it as is or you can remove the long sleeves and just have the puffy short sleeves. This'll make wearing lolita in different seasons so easy! Another great detail? The jabot (aka the ruffly neck piece) is also removable! You can wear it for elegant looks or to add more interest to a skirt/blouse coord or leave it out and replace with a bow! This one blouse gives you 4 DIFFERENT LOOKS! I'd say that is well worth going over budget.

The Shoes: These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes on Bodyline, they are so cute and they have really good reviews. Another bonus? They come in 11 colors! For this coord I chose pink because I really couldn't resist how nice they look with the JSK but if you want more bang for your buck, I'd get a white pair. With white shoes, you can expand your wardrobe to many more color possibilities.

The Socks: Same reason as the shoes, I couldn't resist getting the pinkxwhite socks! They look so cute in this coord. Again, if you want them to be more versatile, you can easily replace them with plain white socks to wear with more outfits.

"But Aleks, what about accessories?" Well dear, I left them out because they are extras! But let's say you got a bit of extra birthday money (or Christmas money on the way ;D) then here's a few extras you can get:

Headbow: Sweet Mildred ($20) | Bag: Loris ($28)
Lolita is a pricey fashion, but it's possible to make a cute coordinate for significantly less than usual! Also remember that you probably already own accessories and bags that would work great in lolita. To be a lolita on a budget you don't have to sacrifice style, you just gotta get a little creative!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Forever 21: Cute Cardigans for Lolita!

It's late fall and we're nearing winter (well, at least on my side of the world) and I've been late on the layering game. I've been looking around for some cute sweaters or cardigans for layering and ran into a few finds that would be great not only for casual wear but for lolita as well (and they're inexpensive to boot)!

Also available in Yellow
Their Floral Lace Cardigan is super cute and has the added bonus of being cropped! You and I both know it's tricky to find a cropped cardigan amongst the sea of boyfriend cardis. The pink is perfect for sweet and classic and the yellow would be really cute in sweet, classic and maybe even sailor!

Also available in Navy
Their Lace Front Cardigan looks pretty similar to the first but comes in different colors. The sleeves on this one are short but could be saved for the late spring! The white one would look so sweet in a WhitexPink coord and the navy one would look beautiful in classic paired with wine red.

Crochet Collar Cardigan- A mint/sax cardigan with a crochet Peter Pan collar... Um, can you say "Perfect"?? Lolitas that love mint know it's a hard color to come by in mainstream fashion. This would look so cute with Bodyline's Bunny Cinderella JSK or skirt in mint or lavender.

Enchanted Sheer Kimono... Despite the cringe-worthy name, this would be a very cute sheer layer for a cult party kei inspired coord! Over a white dress or a classic dress and paired with maybe a flower crown, it would look so gorgeous.

Forever 21 always has cute cardigans and accessories perfect for lolita. It's where one of my favorite blouses is from!
What mainstream store(s) do you go to fluff up your lolita wardrobe?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Lolita Rules

A debate that occasionally rises up in the community is whether or not lolita fashion has rules. These debates are usually started by newbies that become self-declared Lolita Police and go on a rampage providing criticism on other newbies' outfits. In response to this, many lolitas will come to the rescue and say that lolita  fashion doesn't really have strict rules while others beg to differ. What is my take on it?

I do think Lolita has rules BUT they're not that many and, as with everything, has exceptions. For me to consider a coord lolita, it has to have 2 things.

1. You've got to have the silhouette, be it Bell-Shaped or A-Line

both pettis can be purchased at Qutieland
To me this is the main point/feature of the fashion. This is what separates our coords from just regular dresses and skirts. You're going to have a hard time convincing most lolitas that your coord is in fact lolita without the proper silhouette. Some lolitas say that there are exceptions, but to me this is the one set in stone for me...

2. It has to be fairly modest

And no, I don't mean no skin whatsoever! What I mean is no butt cheeks, no deep plunging blouses, you know: that jazz. There are some exceptions to this rule when it comes to ero-lolita, but that sub-style is so hard to pull off that a lot of lolitas are not even considering it a sub-style anymore! This rule also is what makes it hard for me to accept coords featuring really short salopettes as lolita... Sorry! To me the coord can be gorgeous and have a nice fluffy dress but if the salopette is too short it looks very fairy-kei to me!

Those are my personal lolita rules, there are experienced lolitas out there that have the know-how to break them beautifully but I'm not one of them hahah!

What do you think a coord has to have to be considered lolita?