Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014 Goals (a bit late but better than never!)

I never properly posted a list of goals for 2014 (mostly because I never really make any and when I do I don't stick to them!  ). In the past few weeks though, I realized that I once again made a few goals to accomplish this year. Maybe I should make a conscious effort to accomplish them!

Learn to embroider already! I mean c'mon Aleks, you bought 2 embroidery hoops in December along with who knows how many different colored embroidery flosses. It's time! (Actually, I just started my first piece :D)

I've had this pic saved since 2010 and can finally read what it says!
(It says "kawaii" in hiragana)

Take Japanese classes. For my Bachelor's degree, I have to take 2 foreign language courses. I am already fluent in Spanish and English and want to challenge myself with a totally different language. People told me to just take Italian or French but those are way too similar to the languages I already know! Besides, I love Japanese culture, so why not try out the language too? (I also have already started this goal!)

Earrings I made in 2012

Make more jewelry. Ever since I graduated from Jewelry Design, I am ashamed to say I haven't made anything new. I kind of didn't want anything to do with jewelry after those stressful 2 years of my life, but I took a semester off from jewelry and that's enough. Time to get back to it! (I have a goldfish brooch in the works)

Take advantage of NYC. I've been living in NYC for 2.5 years now and I feel like I have definitely not taken much advantage of that! I have not really done any intense exploring and definitely have not gone to many of the free events that float around. Time to change that. I'm starting by going to Sebastian Masuda's exhibition this week. Also I should probably do more things off the Free in NYC this Week list...

Learn to cook more things. I hate cooking, but what I hate more is the fact that I waited to learn to cook until I moved out! Now I'm living on my own and can cook maybe a total of 5 things (that might actually be an overestimate...) I want some variety!

I need it!
I think this set of goals is nice and tangible. It involves lots of things that would be really good for me in all aspects of life! They're also goals that can get as complex as I want/can and I really think I can stick to this one! Wish me luck xoxo

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