Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spottie Dottie - First Finished Embroidery!

Omg... I can't believe I actually finished! It took me around a month, but I actually did it! (Leave it to me to pick a fairly complex design for my first project) It wasn't easy since I decided to embroider this little sucker on canvas (ouch, I've regained calluses in my finger like back in my jeweler days!)

I satin stitched the spots,the nose, the bow and the background. The center of the bow was done with a french knot. The headband and heart outline were done with split stitches. The outline for Spottie Dottie was done with stem stitches and back stitches.

In case you were interested in the pattern for this, I made it from a phone background I had saved on my computer. I've decided to attach it here in case anyone wanted to try it!

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