Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Blogging for the love of blogging, NOT the views

Today I read the most inspiring blog post I had read in quite a while over at Scathingly-Brilliant. She wrote about How to be a Happy Blogger. I have obviously been a very bad blogger and pretty much just stopped posting all together for quite a while now.

The biggest reason I stopped is because I was trying to box myself into a very narrow category of blogging: lolita blogging. Problem? I've been slowly losing my interest in lolita for a while now. I'm still super into kawaii culture, but I've found that wearing lolita doesn't provide me with as much joy as enjoying it on others did. 

I felt that expressing this and giving up lolita would make me lose my followers but is it worth it to continue something just for the views? How can I be a happy blogger if I force myself to continue blogging about something that doesn't make me happy anymore?

I've decided to keep my blog and from now on blog about what I want to blog about: my life, hobbies, wishlists, college, kawaii-lifestyle etc! I want to write about what I love and be happy and document my life/interests through this blog.

I understand if I lose a few of you now that I will probably stop blogging about lolita, but I wanted to thank you for giving my little blog your time! Thanks for sticking with me as I finally tried out the fashion after admiring from afar from years. I appreciate the support you have given me and hope a few of you stick around

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