Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Kawaii Stationary Collection!

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Many years ago, I had a penpal (well, mostly e-mailing though) called Izumi whom I found on One day, we decided to send each other packages with things from each other's country. She asked me if I had any favorite characters and I immediately said "Mamegoma!". Months later, I received a little package with many little goodies including a little Mamegoma memo pad. It sparked my kawaii stationary craze!

My first memo pad. Maybe like 4 years old?
Almost used up all the paper ;3;
99% of my stationary (I think I lost my favorite memo pad!)
Most of my stationary has been acquired once I moved to NYC. There's a nice Japanese bookstore near Bryant Park called Kinokuniya (chain of bookstores, 7 of which are here in the USA). I found out about it through a friend who is also a fan of Japanese culture. She told me that they not only sold books but also kawaii products such as stationary and plushies!

Mamegoma Halloween memo pad
Got this one from a stand at NYCC
Rilakkuma memo pad
from a grab bag at NYCC
Hello Kitty memo pad
Recycled paper and soy ink!
from a Sanrio Store in Puerto Rico

San-X Toromi French Bull Dog large memo pad
Kinokuniya NYC
Can be purchased here
Rilakkuma large memo pad
Kinokuniya NYC
My Melody notebook
NYCC grab bag
Hello Kitty sticky flags
Gift from a penpal
Hello Kitty 2014 Agenda (aka Diary Book)
Kinokuniya NYC
So that's my small collection. I love stationary sooo much. It adds a cute little touch to simple notes and handwritten letters and it makes me so happy to look at all the cute characters :D

Do you collect anything? What do you collect?

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