Friday, October 31, 2014

LBC: Create a Coord Based on a Halloween Story or Creature

This week's prompt for the Lolita Blog Carnival is a fun one! The title says it all, we have to choose a Halloween Story or Creature and create a coord based on it. I made a little list of things that came to mind, but they were all very typical:
Frankenstein's monster...

Mehhh, too typical and too overdone. (Well maybe not Frankenstein but I'll steer clear of that one anyways hahah). Instead I started thinking of grim Halloween stories my mom used to tell us when she went back to school to become an English teacher. One of my favorites was:

The Woman With the Ribbon Around Her Neck
The Woman With the Ribbon Around Her Neck

In my mind I pictured the story being set in a cold rainy village with a bit of an Edgar Allan Poe vibe to it. I picture her being an elegant, mysterious woman from the Victorian era (despite the story saying they went disco dancing at one point hahaha). This coord perfectly evokes the feeling I get when I read that short story.

The story goes:

Once there was a man named Philip Games who was in love with an attractive young woman. In fact, you could say she was a very attractive, sweet with a slim build. She had one peculiar trait, however: she always wore a black velvet ribbon around her neck and was never seen without it. One day Games asked her to marry him. She said yes immediately as she was marriage-minded. “I’ll marry you on one condition,” she said. “Never touch the ribbon I wear around my neck.”...

So Strange... Want to find out why she always wore that ribbon? Finish reading the story here!
 Happy Halloween!

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