Monday, October 27, 2014

Review: Bodyline l364 Blouse in White (Positive)

After wanting one for sooo long, I finally own a white blouse! This is one of Bodyline's cutest blouses and had been on my wishlist for the longest time. I took advantage of the free AIR shipping offer and received it today. (I'm only reviewing the blouse in this post, if you want a review on Bodyline, check this post)

The blouse comes in very wrinkled (as Bodyline's stuff usually does) so you have to steam or iron it before wearing, but I think that's ok! I didn't iron it for the photos in this review, but I hope you don't mind.

The blouse is super cute and packed with adorable details! So let's get on with the review:

  • Price: $43 (or $29.70 if you use the Yen Trick) Good price for lolitas on a budget and for beginners.
  • Lace: The lace on the sleeves has flowers on it and the lace on the collar has little strawberry slices on it. It's not soft, it's kinda scratchy but it is still pretty.
  • Fabric: The fabric isn't soft (but it's not cotton so that was to be expected!) The site lists it as Polyester/Others. It's not uncomfortable though and I wouldn't say it's plastic-y either.The texture reminds me of some of my dad's button down shirts.
  • Sleeves: The elastic part of the sleeve is not too tight on me but it's super scratchy where the lace is sewn onto the sleeve. It's pretty uncomfortable but I suspect it is an easy fix. I plan on sewing something on the inside of the sleeve to make it soft, like a strip of stretchy white jersey (t-shirt material). The bows and ruffles on the sleeves are a very cute touch that aren't really shown well on the website.
  • The Collar: The collar is BIG. I'm not used to it so my first impression was "oh god". But once I tried it on with a JSK I found that it looks really cute! If you're not a fan of big Peter Pan collars, stay away from this blouse.
  • Fit: I bought a size medium. I have a 32" bust and 28.5" waist and I feel it's a very comfortable fit (even when wearing a t-shirt underneath to keep warm!)
  • Details: The blouse has lots of nice details. The pearls on the collar are sewn well. All the ruffles on the blouse look really nice. The sleeves have bows on the sides. The buttons are puffy pearl hearts.

And here is the blouse worn under a JSK (Bodyline's L438 if you're wondering!)

The blouse loses a point because of the lace and uncomfortable sleeves but other than that seems pretty nice to me! It has enough details to look interesting with a skirt and also looks super cute under a JSK. It's not cotton but not uncomfortable material. Lace is not soft, it is pretty scratchy. Good blouse for a new lolita or a lolita on a budget.

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