Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Top 4 Dream Dresses

I don't own any brand and I am a firm believer that you can be a fabulous lolita with a mostly-offbrand wardrobe (hello Princess Peachie!) but there are definitely some lovely prints that Angelic Pretty has released that have completely enamored me. I've never actually stopped to think about what my dream dresses are, so I thought it would be fun to compile a list of my all-time faves! And who knows? Maybe one day I'll own some of them! So here's my list of dream dresses (in no particular order):

Memorial Cake JSK or skirt in pink or sax


One of the biggest reasons I love this print is because it reminds me of the illustration style in old Barbie products. I disliked Barbie dolls as a kid but loved products that had Barbie illustrations on them (bed sheets, shirts, plates, cups etc) Weird right? Well the love hasn't subsided and this really reminds me of the Barbie art style. I'd love it in pink, but sax would be lovely as well!

Powder Rose JSK in yellow

Honestly, I want Powder Rose for the exact same reason I want Memorial Cake. It just really looks like the Barbie art design only takes it a notch higher in my heart because the roses look exactly like the roses used in the old Barbie art style. I like the yellow colorway because it brings a really nice warmth to the print that the others don't bring. I'd be head over heels if I could own this dress.

Vanilla Chan JSK in pink

I really love how delicate, feminine, and adorable this print is. I especially love the neck detail; it's perfect! I can picture this perfectly paired with a pearl necklace and pink heels. I've been tempted to get the Dream of Lolita replica, but I think I'll hold out for the real deal. I'm a design graduate and I know the pain of someone stealing my design. It's quite heart-wrenching, trust me.

Cherry Bunny JSK in pink

You know, I have no idea why so many people dislike this print! It's sooo adorable. It also helps that I am crazy about red and pink combinations and I also love cherry prints. This pairs those two loves and adds bunnies and apron-like ruffles on the sleeves! I would absolutely love to wear this with a nice peter pan collared blouse and a subtle red, glossy lip.

So fess up, what's one dress that has been on your dream list since forever? How would you coord it?

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