Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lolita Calling Cards

The other day I was reading an old article by Victoria over at Parfait Doll about "lolita calling cards". They're basically the best thing ever! Imagine this: you're at a convention, or at a meet and you meet this wonderful lolita. You guys quickly chat, take pictures and go on about your day. Wait, was her name Susan or Suzanne? I can't remember... Or maybe she did give you her contact info but... uh oh. I can't understand her handwriting... This is where the calling card comes in to avoid that!

You can carry a small stack with you and hand them to lolitas you would like to stay in touch with or to give away at cons so people that take your picture can look you up later! I really do wonder why this hasn't caught on!

Victoria really did write up a very good guide on this so if you're interested in making your own, definitely go check out her article. I've just printed out my first batch and have a few additional tips to add on!


  • Make sure the fonts you choose are legible when the image is small. Test it out by shrinking the card to scale (typical US business cards are 3.5 × 2 inches) and printing one out.
  • Need them printed ASAP? Go to your local Staples or print shop. Many will print them within a few hours (but will cost a bit more)
  • I printed mine using Overnight Prints. I designed and ordered 100 calling cards on Monday night, chose a deadline (I needed them by Friday at latest) and they were delivered Today (Wednesday morning)! Price? $9.95 for the cards and $11 for shipping. They gave me a discount though so the total was $17.52.  Maybe a little pricey but Staples wanted me to order a minimum of 200 cards which was definitely too much for me to start out with!
  • Don't have Photoshop? Download Photofiltre! A free editing program that does a lot of the same things (It's what I used for my calling card)

Do you already have calling cards?
Would you consider getting some?

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