Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First Times Wearing Lolita!

Hello pumpkin pies!

The weather is cooling down in NYC (well except for today, it's almost 80 degrees!) and I thought it would be a perfect time to break out my lolita clothes for the very first time!

I've never been nervous about going out in public in lolita; I've always dressed offbeat. I just never had enough components to put together a nice coord. Now I felt confident enough to do it!

This was my very first lolita coord...

I wasn't completely happy with it, but it was a pretty good start! One day, on a date with my boyfriend, I decided "today is the day...." and I threw on the coord and surprised my boyfriend. He thought the coord was very "me"!

  • Blouse: Anna House
  • Skirt, Socks: Bodyline
  • Purse: Gift from my mom
  • Shoes: Demonia Creepers

First time wearing lolita at school!

Now this is the first coord I am super happy with! I felt so cute wearing this and even got a couple of compliments (including a guy on the street who passed me by with a huge smile and commented "nice flower crown!" and the cashiers at the cafeteria that said I looked like a doll <3)
  • Bolero, Flower Crown, Necklace: Offbrand
  • Blouse: H&M
  • Skirt, Bow on my Bolero: Bodyline
  • Shoes: LovelyShoes.net
All in all, I'm super happy that I finally went out in a full coord and can't wait to keep doing it on a more regular basis!

How was your first time wearing lolita? or Why haven't you done it yet?

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