Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: Bodyline Shoes152 in Black (Positive!)

I had been dying to own a pair of lolita shoes! I felt like all my coords looked incomplete because the shoes were almost always off (I usually would coord with black flats). I had been eyeing these shoes for a while after seeing a great picture of them worn. I know there's a few others out there, but another one wouldn't hurt :)

I ordered on September 30 (Monday) and used Airmail. Although it was Monday, I ordered at night (which means it was already Tuesday in Japan, that's the day they usually ship so I was too late). They shipped the order on October 9 (Wednesday) and it left Tokyo on October 13. It finally arrived at JFK on the 16th BUT STAYED IN CUSTOMS UNTIL THE 28TH (ughhh) and got to me the next day. So total time was pretty much a month... I gotta stick to EMS... but Airmail is so cheap ;__;


So it seems that Bodyline's shipping its shoes in boxes regularly now because look! I haven't heard many instances of people receiving their shoes in bags recently so it seems like they're barely doing it anymore. It was taped A LOT and the box was in tact (no rips, minimal dents). The shoes came wrapped in the standard tissue paper.

Packaging: ♥♥♥♥♥

The Shoes:
My first impression of the shoes was how strong the chemical smell was.... YOWZA! I left them out to air out and after an hour or so the smell was gone. My second impression was how pleasantly light they are! I thought they were gonna be heavy since they have the "clunky" look to them.

I think they look 10x in person than in the stock pictures.

Seriously guys these shoes are sooo much prettier in person. The stock pictures totally do not do these shoes justice. Also, despite the heel, these shoes are surprisingly comfortable (I was able to RUN in them! I'm usually barely able to speedwalk in even wedges hahah.) They're light and the heel is actually fairly minor. The shoes run true to size; I'm a size 7 in American shoes and ordered a 240. They fit perfectly. The buckles can be adjusted, but the straps are actually closed with snaps. The snaps are a bit hard to open at first but I'm sure they'll ease up with use.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (5/5)

They're beautiful, comfortable and the only reason they took so long to ship was partially my fault and because Halloween is this week. I'd definitely recommend these shoes to others!

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