Monday, October 14, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013!

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Ahhh Comic Con, a place where you can enter with your "strange" hobbies and interests and feel perfectly at home. This was my second year at Comic Con (first time while wearing lolita!) and I had such a fabulous time!

There were so many cute booths this year packed full of plushies, stationary, pens, accesories and more! I couldn't decide what to buy for soo long!! In the end I bought from the 2 cutest booths in the con.

The first booth I saw was by Qmomo! Their booth was Alpacasso heaven, I swear! They had the key chains, plushies, hats and backpacks. They also had several other famous kawaii character plushies. I bought an Alpacasso ID holder/ coin purse and it's soooo cute! (Pics later in the post)

The second booth was by Kawaii Gifts! Their's was my favorite since I'm such a huge stationary hoarder. They had any current San-X character you could think of! They had tons of Rilakkuma, Mamegoma, Sentimental Circus, Piggy Girl and loads others. For such a small booth they were packed to the brim with anything you would want to add to your stationary collection including: memo pads, stickers, deco tape, pens and notebooks along with a few plushies.

The best part? They had a special offer going on where they were selling kawaii grab bags. You could pay $10 for a small one that included a pencil, a memo pad and stickers. The large one was for $20 that came with 2 memo pads, stickers, deco tape, kawaii eraser, a letter set, a folder, a pencil and a special item (and this one would come in an adorable tote bag). Of course I went for the large one!

  • Super cute poodle tote
  • My Melody Notebook (I traded my folder for it with a friend haha)
  • Puffy stickers
  • Seal pin
  • Tsuginohi Kerori memo pad
  • Rilakkuma memo notebook
  • Rilakkuma memo pad
  • Rilakkuma pencil
  • Halloween letter set
  • Gingham deco tape
  • Hello Kitty pen
  • Ramen eraser
  • Mamegoma halloween notepad (I bought this one separately from the grab bag because I couldn't resist haha)
The Alpacasso I bought at Qmomo. It's both an ID Card holder and a coin purse!

What I wore:
  • JSK: Bodyline
  • Purse: Hello Kitty (Gift from a friend)
  • Alpacasso: Qmomo booth
  • Everything else: Offbrand

Of course, a trip to Comic Con would not be complete without running into a few lolitas! I didn't see as many as I would've liked to, but the ones I did see were adorable and so sweet!

I only managed to recognize the lolita in the first pic (SanrioPalace). If you know any of the others, let me know!

I had such a great time this year and was able to see so many cute girls, cosplays and booths! It made me feel even more comfortable in lolita and has encouraged me to maybe go to a lolita meet in the future (thanks to the lolita in the last picture who convinced me)!

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