Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sweet Tunes: My Lolita Playlist!

When I get dressed up in lolita, I love listening to music specifically chosen for the occasion. When I'm dressed up I like music that makes me feel happy and confident and puts a smile on my face! This is the playlist I play on my phone when walking around in lolita.

There are super fun songs to make me laugh and bounce.
There are also songs to put a bit of pep and sass in my step (a few k-pop hits for that purpose!)
And there are also some occasional sweet songs thrown in to match my sweet lolita style.

Music is such a strong mood setter so I imagine everyone must have songs or playlists they play when they want to feel a certain way! But I wonder if any of you have music to suit your clothing styles? Maybe some alternative rock when you're dressing rocker chic or classical music when dressed up in... well classic lolita? Anybody else do this too?

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