Friday, December 27, 2013

LBC: New Years Resolutions for Lolita Fashion in 2014

I was so happy to see that for this week, the Lolita Blog Carnival chose a topic I was already planning on writing about! So last year I made a list of general resolutions I had hoped to achieve in 2013 but it wasn't really specifically geared towards lolita. This year I have many lolita-related resolutions I hope to achieve!

1. Own white blouses and shoes.

Blouses: 1, 2, 3
When I started lolita this year, I bought all my pieces in black colorways. I did this because I was finding it difficult to break out of my mentality of just buying black clothing (something I do in my casual clothing). The thing is that I'M SICK OF WEARING BLACK. Despite this, I still kept buying black items! To snap myself out of it, I sold my black JSK last month to buy a pink one. I love the way pink looks on me so much! Now my problem is that I don't have anything to match it haha!

2. Complete a full coord without using any black

Source: 1 , 2, 3 (unkown)
Ever since I got interested in lolita, I had fallen in love with the super sweet pink coords! I still can't believe I started my wardrobe with black. To follow up on my 1st resolution, as soon as I have enough items, I want to create my first non-black coord! I want to be encompassed in pink and white and maybe some red! I can't wait to accomplish this!

3. Buy a cute apron to wear over dresses

Source: 1, 2, 3
Ahhhh aprons! I love them so much! They can completely change the look of a dress, give you a new look and add an extra sweet touch to any outfit! They're a bit hard to find lately but I know that you can find some on Etsy. Bitter and Sweet has half aprons that are super cute and affordable.

4. Take pictures of my coords more often

Sources: 1, 2, 3 (unknown)
I've experimented with lolita a lot but don't take pictures that much. When I do, I only post them over on my Instagram. I really want to take more pictures to record my progress more closely over time! I've always loved when lolitas have been able to make timelines of their progress and hope to be able to do one for myself.

What are your fashion-related resolutions for 2014?

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