Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY: Free Printable Scratch Off Valentine!

Click here to download this card
After clicking the link, right click the picture and choose "save as"
Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a Graphic Designer and that I know what I'm doing (hint: I'm not and I don't haha!). I made this cute little valentine for my boyfriend after seeing this super cute tutorial for making homemade scratch-offs on Spoonful.com. I designed my card with our favorite dog breed and filled it with prizes I thought he'd enjoy. (In case you're wondering about the 3rd prize, he's been wanting me to learn a song of his choice on my ukulele since forever!) If you like my valentine, you can download it by clicking the link under it!

Not really feeling the prizes I chose? Want to personalize it yourself? Make up your own prizes and fill them in yourself on my blank valentine!

Click here to download
After clicking the link, right click the picture and choose "save as"
To make the valentine, print it (can be either on good ole printer paper or cardstock). Then cut around the perimeter and use a glue-stick to glue it on a slightly larger piece of red or pink construction paper/ cardstock. Then follow the instructions on Spoonful to make the scratch off part (but I suggest instead of black paint, use red or pink!)

On mine, I'll be adding a bit of extra cuteness by gluing ruffles of fabric or lace along the top and bottom. Feel free to deco this! Add glitter, sequins, rhinestones or just make a whole different design of your own!

Hope you liked my little card design!
Are you making valentines this year?

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