Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Christmas Wishlist

So I've decided to make the shift from having a sweet wardrobe based in black, to one based in pink which means.... I'm basically starting from scratch, ha! Oh well, I'm naturally indecisive so I saw this coming a million miles away. I finally took the jump and got this jsk!

Bodyline's L322 in pink
As soon as I received it, I wondered why I hadn't started out with pink in the first place! Problem? I have nothing that matches it (I have an off-white blouse but pure white tights and black shoes... um, no)

So here are just a few things I hope to get around Christmas time!

1. A White Blouse
Anna House
I really want a blouse with a cute peter pan collar. Even the blouse I bought before has a square neckline and no collar so a change would be very nice! Also, I need a long sleeved blouse because it's cold in NYC for most of the year (Last year it hovered around 50-60 degrees F in May and almost JUNE)

2. A White Pair of Shoes

Shoes 178, Shoes 192
I can't decide which of these shoes to get! First, as much as I am dying for a pink pair of shoes, white will match many more outfits in the future. I can always get a pink pair for my birthday in June. Both of the shoes are soo cute! I have always loved the shape of the first shoe and it looks great in every color. I also think a platform might be more comfortable. Although, the second shoe is also very cute and looks better in the white colorway than shoe178 does. I'll have to think about it!

Aaaand if I were to get pink shoes, I totally want secret shop tea parties in light pink!

3. A Pink Headbow

Sweet Mildred
I'd get a white headbow for practicality's sake... but in this case I reallllly want the pink one! I haven't liked how headbows have look on me before, but maybe one with the right shape will change my mind! This one is so sweet with the lace and extra satin bows. It's been on my wishlist since I fist saw it

Hopefully for Christmas, I can get at least 1 thing from my list!
What's on your current wishlist??

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