Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Lolita Rules

A debate that occasionally rises up in the community is whether or not lolita fashion has rules. These debates are usually started by newbies that become self-declared Lolita Police and go on a rampage providing criticism on other newbies' outfits. In response to this, many lolitas will come to the rescue and say that lolita  fashion doesn't really have strict rules while others beg to differ. What is my take on it?

I do think Lolita has rules BUT they're not that many and, as with everything, has exceptions. For me to consider a coord lolita, it has to have 2 things.

1. You've got to have the silhouette, be it Bell-Shaped or A-Line

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To me this is the main point/feature of the fashion. This is what separates our coords from just regular dresses and skirts. You're going to have a hard time convincing most lolitas that your coord is in fact lolita without the proper silhouette. Some lolitas say that there are exceptions, but to me this is the one set in stone for me...

2. It has to be fairly modest

And no, I don't mean no skin whatsoever! What I mean is no butt cheeks, no deep plunging blouses, you know: that jazz. There are some exceptions to this rule when it comes to ero-lolita, but that sub-style is so hard to pull off that a lot of lolitas are not even considering it a sub-style anymore! This rule also is what makes it hard for me to accept coords featuring really short salopettes as lolita... Sorry! To me the coord can be gorgeous and have a nice fluffy dress but if the salopette is too short it looks very fairy-kei to me!

Those are my personal lolita rules, there are experienced lolitas out there that have the know-how to break them beautifully but I'm not one of them hahah!

What do you think a coord has to have to be considered lolita?

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