Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Full Lolita Coord for $133~!

My favorite thing to do on quiet nights is to go to the archives of my favorite blogs and re-read old posts. Last night I ran into Victoria from Parfait Doll's Lolita Blog Carnival post on making a full coordinate for a low price. As soon as I saw it, I yelled "I'm in!!" (in my head of course haha!) Their limit for that old post was $100 but I gave myself a bit extra (and I'll tell you why in a bit!).

We all know it takes quite a bit of cash to put together a nice lolita outfit but who says you can't do it for much less than the usual hundreds? It's hard, I know, with the luxurious dresses and detailed accessories it's easy to wear a coordinate worth well over $400! Not today! This outfit can be yours for $133 (minus shipping) and is a great coord for a beginner sweet lolita!

Everything is from Bodyline!
JSK ($33) | Blouse ($47) | Shoes ($40) | Socks ($13)
The JSK (The Dress): Instinctively, I wanted to choose an OP to cut down on costs (because you don't need a blouse with an OP) but you can get so many more looks out of a JSK! Not to mention that this adorable JSK is only $33 and one of my favorite pieces on Bodyline's website right now. I'm actually considering buying it soon!

The Blouse: This is a big reason the coord came over the budget (it's the priciest piece in the coord) but I have a very good reason for refusing to replace it: It is unbelievable versatile. For starters, this blouse has detachable sleeves. You can wear it as is or you can remove the long sleeves and just have the puffy short sleeves. This'll make wearing lolita in different seasons so easy! Another great detail? The jabot (aka the ruffly neck piece) is also removable! You can wear it for elegant looks or to add more interest to a skirt/blouse coord or leave it out and replace with a bow! This one blouse gives you 4 DIFFERENT LOOKS! I'd say that is well worth going over budget.

The Shoes: These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes on Bodyline, they are so cute and they have really good reviews. Another bonus? They come in 11 colors! For this coord I chose pink because I really couldn't resist how nice they look with the JSK but if you want more bang for your buck, I'd get a white pair. With white shoes, you can expand your wardrobe to many more color possibilities.

The Socks: Same reason as the shoes, I couldn't resist getting the pinkxwhite socks! They look so cute in this coord. Again, if you want them to be more versatile, you can easily replace them with plain white socks to wear with more outfits.

"But Aleks, what about accessories?" Well dear, I left them out because they are extras! But let's say you got a bit of extra birthday money (or Christmas money on the way ;D) then here's a few extras you can get:

Headbow: Sweet Mildred ($20) | Bag: Loris ($28)
Lolita is a pricey fashion, but it's possible to make a cute coordinate for significantly less than usual! Also remember that you probably already own accessories and bags that would work great in lolita. To be a lolita on a budget you don't have to sacrifice style, you just gotta get a little creative!

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