Thursday, November 21, 2013

Forever 21: Cute Cardigans for Lolita!

It's late fall and we're nearing winter (well, at least on my side of the world) and I've been late on the layering game. I've been looking around for some cute sweaters or cardigans for layering and ran into a few finds that would be great not only for casual wear but for lolita as well (and they're inexpensive to boot)!

Also available in Yellow
Their Floral Lace Cardigan is super cute and has the added bonus of being cropped! You and I both know it's tricky to find a cropped cardigan amongst the sea of boyfriend cardis. The pink is perfect for sweet and classic and the yellow would be really cute in sweet, classic and maybe even sailor!

Also available in Navy
Their Lace Front Cardigan looks pretty similar to the first but comes in different colors. The sleeves on this one are short but could be saved for the late spring! The white one would look so sweet in a WhitexPink coord and the navy one would look beautiful in classic paired with wine red.

Crochet Collar Cardigan- A mint/sax cardigan with a crochet Peter Pan collar... Um, can you say "Perfect"?? Lolitas that love mint know it's a hard color to come by in mainstream fashion. This would look so cute with Bodyline's Bunny Cinderella JSK or skirt in mint or lavender.

Enchanted Sheer Kimono... Despite the cringe-worthy name, this would be a very cute sheer layer for a cult party kei inspired coord! Over a white dress or a classic dress and paired with maybe a flower crown, it would look so gorgeous.

Forever 21 always has cute cardigans and accessories perfect for lolita. It's where one of my favorite blouses is from!
What mainstream store(s) do you go to fluff up your lolita wardrobe?

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