Friday, September 12, 2014

Guess Who's Back + Giveaway!

Yes it's true, I couldn't stay away! In the time I've been away I've taken time to explore my interests and realized that I am still living "the cute lifestyle". In my head, I was associating the blog's name only to lolita but, for some reason, it never occurred to me that I can ever so slightly change my focus and still have the name fit! From now on I'll be blogging about my cute crafting, purchases and fashion. I hope you guys are still interested!

Due to the change in direction, I changed my instagram widget in the right sidebar to show pictures of my resin/clay account: SparkleWink. I also opened an Etsy under the same name. I started crafting again this summer when I found it very difficult to get a job (I applied to 30 places and when I was finally hired, the company went under and closed shop!).

I thought a fun way to come back would be to host a little giveaway! The prize will be this resin pendant made by me! It features a cute little bear chef with a sparkly yellow background. Isn't he so cute? Giveaway is only open in the USA. Sorry!

No winner! :( Most entries were invalid. The other entries were not from USA and other entries did not follow instructions. Awww man! Better luck on the next giveaway!

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