Thursday, January 29, 2015

L52 #2: What influences my Lolita style?

So I finally moved back into the dorm for the semester which means I can go back to regular posting! This week I got number #23, which is what influences my lolita style.

A lot of what inspires me is really what I see online through blogs and my tumblr feed. I know, I know "how unoriginal!" but I'm being honest! I like to follow a lot of different people from different styles to give me ideas for my own outfits. I follow fairy kei, gyaru, and cult party kei blogs as well as kawaii artists and pale blogs. 

I like to reblog everything that inspires me onto my aesthetic tumblr. It lets me see everything I like visually in one place to give me some new ideas! (If you wanna follow it, go to OpalCutie

I also take a lot of inspiration from bloggers that I follow (all of which you can view here). What better way than to see other beautiful babes rocking inspiring outfits?

I'm still developing my new style, but looking at other fabulous lolitas definitely help me pinpoint my own tastes and the journey of discovery is the funnest part anyways!

So what's been influencing your style lately?

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