Monday, January 12, 2015

L52 #1: Why don't I wear Lolita more often?

This is my first post in the Lolita 52 Challenge! I used to choose a random number and I got #8: Why don't I wear Lolita more often?

When I first started lolita, I used to wear sweet lolita in black colorways and gothic lolita once a week. I was absolutely in love with it! Over time I wore it less and less and less until I basically never wore it. My boyfriend had asked why that happened but I wasn't really sure. After a long time thinking about it, I realized that wearing all black wasn't really me.

I assumed it would be because I've dressed in dark alternative styles all my life, but in lolita it wasn't making me happy. When I first discovered lolita, it was sugary, pastel sweet lolita that reeled me in. But when I finally started, I played it safe and went with my comfort zone dressing in all black.

I stained those white tights with red shoes and had to throw them out :(
Recently I sold all my black lolita pieces to start collecting pastel-colored dresses, and I finally have, but I don't have legwear to match so I can't wear basically any of my dresses yet. I'm gonna try really hard to get at least a pair of white thigh high socks soon so I can wear lolita often again and be happy!

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