Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Goal Recap!

Last year I made some resolutions for myself. I usually don't make them because I don't stick to them but this year I was determined. Below I posted all my progress and this year was such a success!

Learn to embroider: I sure did! I embroidered only 3 pieces this year, but they all came out wonderfully! (I'll make a post with my pieces soon!)

Take Japanese classes: Done! I took a Japanese I class the first half of the year and a level 1 Japanese Conversation class in the latter half of the year. I got an A in both classes! Learned hiragana and some basic conversation skills. Very proud of myself!

Make more jewelry: Yup, but not exactly what I had in mind haha. I made a lot of resin jewelry and even made my first Etsy sales but what I really meant was making bench jewelry. You know, handling a saw, a torch and a hammer and metal... I haven't made professional jewelry since I graduated from Jewelry Design in May 2013...

Take advantage of NYC: Yes sir. Actually, my boyfriend and I commented on how good we were about this goal this year. It didn't really get done until the second half of the year, but we've gone to a new place or done a new thing in the city every single weekend! We did Rilakkuma Day, went to a Japanese street fair, saw Sebastian Masuda's latest exhibition, saw the annual Thompkins Park Dog Halloween Parade (200+ dogs in costumes, guys!) and so much more. This might have been my favorite goal to accomplish 

Learn to cook more things: Yesss, and I'm so happy! I can make way more things now. I learned how to make chili, black bean soup, oven-fried chicken, over-easy eggs, sushi and more. Now I don't have to eat grilled chicken, white rice and beans everyday haha!

I'm super happy with myself! I stuck to all my resolutions and accomplished each one. I hope that in 2015 I'm able to accomplish as many of my resolutions as I can.
How did you do with your 2014 resolutions?

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