Saturday, November 15, 2014

"Um, why are you wearing that?" and Other Rude Comments!

Although I live in NYC and most people tend to ignore flamboyantly-dresses people, it's a city notorious for its tourists. Whenever I walk anywhere iconic in the city, I get bombarded with stares, whispers and sometimes even a direct comment. Sometimes they're funny like "Were you in a Broadway show?" and sometimes I get nice compliments like "Your dress is so cute!" but then there are people that just have no manners. Here are a few comments I often get and how I respond to them.
  1. "Why are you wearing that?"
    I'm fairly ok with these questions when they come from a state of curiosity, but when you can hear the edge of sass in their voice... ohhhhh nooooo you did not just come over here to ask that.

    Sassy Response: "I'm wearing this because I like it." or "Because I can." and proceed to put on your headphones. Sometimes a rude comment illicit a rude response.
    Polite Response: "Oh this is just my style. I dress like this all the time." then smile, nod and go on with your day.
  2. "How old are you?"
    For some reason, dressing like this makes people think that it's ok to ask you anything about yourself. I get it, I'm dressed in an outfit that stands out but it doesn't really make me an open book either. If you wouldn't ask a regular old stranger, why on earth are you asking me?

    Sassy Response: "Old enough to tell you that the question you just asked is inappropriate."
    Polite Response: [answer with your age if comfortable] or "I'm sorry but I don't feel comfortable with this question"
  3. "Why would you dress up just to do [insert mundane activity]?"
    You know, this one still confuses me when I get it. We're in NYC; everyone tends to dress up and show off the latest fashion trends regardless of whether they are out partying or grabbing groceries. Dressing up to do daily activities is not something that is specific to people who choose to dress differently. I'm sure you dress up sometimes to run errands so why are you asking me to justify doing it myself?

    Sassy Response: "Dressed up??? I just threw on whatever was lying around!"
    Polite Response: "Oh same reason as any other person, I just felt like it!"
The past few years at NYC have definitely toughened me up a bit with all the remarks that I've gotten, but I don't let them influence what I think about my style and neither should you! Our fashion is lovely, beautiful and interesting! As long as we know that and keep that in mind, nothing can put a damper on my opinion of lolita.

So what comments have you gotten in your outfits?
How did you respond?

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