Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Newbie Lolita FAQ- Questions We See Every Day #2

Disclaimer: Let me start off by saying that I have no intention of scaring off people new to the fashion! We are always happy to help new people out. We just get tired of answering the same questions being asked every single day.

Welcome to the second installment of Newbie Lolita FAQ! I've decided to make this a series that will be posted weekly. I think it'll be great for new lolitas to have most of their basic questions asked in one place. Today I'll be talking about the negative rumors surrounding Bodyline and wigs: necessary or optional?
3. Will people hate me for just wearing Bodyline or Offbrand?

Pretty much only new lolitas seem to spread this rumor about how all lolitas look down on Bodyline and offbrand clothing. How you can only be a "true" lolita by wearing brand and all these other silly remarks. Honestly, nobody cares where your clothes come from as long as they're styled nicely! Granted there are exceptions. Some elitist lolitas might judge you and look down on you, but those girls aren't nice and aren't worth befriending. Ignore them, the good news is that they're in the minority!

Also, look at Peachie! She's my lolita idol and dresses in 99.99% offbrand.

 Short answer: No, nobody will hate you or really judge you for not wearing brand.
4. Do I need to wear a wig?

Wigs became extremely popular in the fashion once OTT (over the top) lolita came to life. They're worn in most of girls' coords today in both bright colors and natural styles. But before this became a thing, girls just wore their natural hair with their coordinates (outfits).

If you don't want to wear a wig, that's completely ok! Nobody will tell you that you need one. Just keep in mind when you're wearing your natural hair with lolita to style it nicely. Lolita is about being dressed up, cute, and sometimes elegant. Frizzy, uncombed hair just thrown into a messy ponytail just won't look good and can ruin an otherwise perfect coord! Remember, lolita is all in the details.

Need further assurance? Remember Misako pretty much always uses her natural hair!

 Short answer: No, just style your natural hair nicely and you'll be fine.
Although sometimes answers aren't found by simply researching, it's always best to try to do it before asking someone for help. Lolita's all about research, trial, and error. So go out there and discover lolita the fun way, by figuring it all out yourself. You'll feel very good about yourself further down the road!

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